Recognizing the critical time constraints for physicians and their staffs, our portal is simple and quick to use.

Actionable Reports/Insights

Contribute to and create reports based on anonymous patient outcomes to help inform your treatment practices. The two main components of the portal are the "Reports" and "Add New Case" functions.


Physicians input patient data for the medical condition, treatment, results and other un-identifying patient demographics. This input form has been carefully created with medical professionals to only include necessary questions and to ensure a quick and easy completion time. The portal will not permit HIPAA violation data input.


Physicians can search for treatment options and efficacy results by selecting filters that match their patient’s particular situation. Once this is done, a report is generated that returns all matches based on the search. Physicians and patients are then able to see a snapshot of the treatment type, efficacy results, daily dosage, cannabis profile, etc.

Medical Community

Connect with medical professionals across the country through forums and/or groups to gain insights into medical cannabis best practices and trends.

Latest Findings & Research

Stay up-to-date with the most recent information and research regarding medical cannabis. Our team stays current with the latest industry news, state compliance, and best practices to make sure you are always in the know regarding medical cannabis.